Can I have a security alarm without a landline?

Yes, in most cases you can have a security alarm without a landline.

So many homes are opting out of paying for a landline as most people have a smartphone which caters to many of the requirements a landline used to such as telephone calls, internet connection, and emails. Phone line rental can add an often unnecessary extra chunk to your phone bill, and let's face it most of us could do without extras.

Staying connected

Most security systems can be connected, or adapted to connect, using mobile or wireless technology or the broadband NBN™ system. However, your alarm may need to be upgraded to be compatible with these networks, check with your security company for specific advice regarding the system in your home or business.

Alarm monitoring

Most monitored alarm systems are programmed to check-in with the monitoring system regularly, to ensure everything is working as it should be, as well as sending a notification if an alarm is activated. Older back-to-base systems would call the monitoring service for these check-ins while newer, mobile connected systems use the internet to communicate. This new system reduces costs as there is no landline rental or daily call charges.

Another benefit of connecting to a mobile system is the alarm and monitoring can still function if phone lines are cut or the power is out (in conjunction with your alarms back up battery system) providing 24/7 protection for your home or business.

A self-monitored alarm connected via an app on your smartphone or mobile device can provide the added advantage of receiving real-time notifications as soon as the alarm is triggered.

In some areas, the older copper phone line is being disabled once the NBN™ is in place so upgrading a landline connected alarm may be a necessary requirement in the near future.

Getting your alarm wirelessly connected

We advise all customers to check in with their security company before switching over to the NBN or a cellular mobile system or speak to Alltronic Security for expert advice in Brisbane.

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