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Pros and cons of using fake security cameras

There is a huge range of dummy security cameras on the market. For a couple of dollars (or a little bit more), you can purchase a very realistic fake camera which can be easily positioned around your home or business to deter thieves, vandals or intruders.

Many property owners use dummy cameras to add to existing security systems, while others choose to install the cameras instead of a real alarm system. There are definitely many advantages and disadvantages to consider when deciding whether dummy security cameras are right for your property.


Dummy cameras offer a cost-effective deterrent for homes or business who would otherwise not use a real security system. They also provide a boost for smaller security setups. Businesses can use these cameras to maintain a presence in the workplace and encourage staff and customer honesty.

Fake cameras are relatively easy to install and need little to no maintenance once installed other than a dust and de-cobweb every now and then, or the occasional battery change.


To the untrained eye, well-made, professional looking imitation cameras look like the real thing, however, to someone who needs to know what a fake camera looks like for their livelihood and has done the research, the pretend versions stand out like a beacon.

Experienced thieves can quickly tell the difference between a real security camera and a dummy. Telltale signs often include:

  • blinking LED lights - many real CCTV cameras do not have an easily visible active indicator light if any at all, so this feature can be a bit counterproductive.
  • wiring - most security cameras have wiring or cables running to them. Even wireless styles are often mains powered so will have a power cord attached. They are also usually fitted with an antenna for wireless communication which the fakes often omit. Dummy cameras which are missing cables or only have a single cable and no antenna are obviously fake to the trained eye.
  • constant panning or back and forth movement - some top end cameras do have this feature for use in large areas of high security, however, your average suburban home rarely does. This feature could serve as a giveaway for thieves.

If your property is located in an area where there is a serious risk of crime dummy cameras are a waste of time and money.

It only takes would be thieves to visit your property once realise that no action is being taken while they are there. They'll quickly realise they're not really under surveillance and return time and time again.

Dummy security cameras can also instil a false sense of security for residents and staff. What if, for instance, a staff member used an area covered by an imitation camera thinking it was a real one and an incident occurred? Staff trust, confidence, and safety should be taken very seriously.

Adding fake security cameras to a real setup

Adding fake cameras to an existing CCTV camera system or security alarm setup can be an economical way to boost the system. However, make sure they're the same style as the real ones and position the working cameras in important spots such as entrances, gates, driveways, loading docks, car parks or over cash register locations.

Fake cameras will not provide evidence if a crime or break-in is carried out investing in a basic security system rather than a dummy system is always the preferred option to protect your home, business, family or staff.

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