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Alarm systems: Sensors vs Motion detectors

Sensors and motion detectors can work hand in hand or be independent of each other and are fundamentally different concepts when it comes to alarm...

Can I have a security alarm without a landline?

Yes, in most cases you can have a security alarm without a landline. So many homes are opting out of paying for a landline as most people have a sm...

Can I have a security system in a house with pets?

Yes, you can definitely have a security system in a house with pets. Alarm sensors are specifically designed to detect movement in your home w...

How a security system can affect insurance costs

We pay out thousands in insurance premiums each year for everything from our mobile phones to the life or death of our loved ones. Dollars for...

How does alarm monitoring work?

Alarm monitoring means someone is notified directly of any alarm activations at your home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Rather tha...

How does home security monitoring work?

What it comes to your family home, the safety of you and those around you is a top priority each and every day. Whether it is 9 am in the morning o...

How far can security cameras actually see?

Security cameras share common characteristics with camera technology so it’s no surprise they are not very different from their traditional ...

How long can a burglar alarm sound?

Australian Standards indicate that a home alarm system siren should only sound for 5 minutes. Tips for preventing false alarms Invest in a...

How much does a security system cost?

A home security system can vary in price significantly from around $50 for a self-installed, battery powered, single motion sensor and chime fr...

Monitored alarms and NBN - can they go together?

The short answer is yes, yes they can… but you’re likely here for more than a ‘yes’. With the roll out of the NBN across Australia, y...

Professional or self-monitoring security systems?

Decide on the appropriate alarm system monitoring for your home Ensuring the safety of your home is essential, and is something that a security sys...

What happens when your home alarm goes off?

When the home security alarm is triggered, whether it is from an intruder, the cat, or the curtains blowing in a breeze, a very loud internal o...

What happens when your security alarm system goes off when you’re out?

If your security alarm goes off when you’re at home, it can be a rude (and sometimes annoying) wakeup call - but that’s the whole point. The alarm ...

What is a back to base alarm?

When it comes to the security of your home and business, you want to ensure you have the best system for your needs. Every household and workpl...

Where should alarm monitors be placed?

Alarm Monitors Placement | Security Systems | Alarm Monitors Brisbane The type of security system you’r...

Who Installs Security systems?

You may be tempted to install your own security devices in your home but you just have to be careful you don’t put yourself or the lives of others ...


How long does an alarm system backup battery last?

You have an alarm system and you know it has a backup battery… right? An alarm backup battery is different from the individual batterie...

How to disarm my security alarm?

Each alarm system can have a slightly different sequence and procedure to disarm the system but most systems will require the input of a PIN (P...

Things you need to know if you're replacing the alarm battery

Why does a hardwired alarm have a battery? The backup battery ensures that the alarm system will remain armed and continue to protect your home dur...

Why is my security alarm system beeping?

There could be a few different reasons why your security alarm system is making a continuous beeping or chirping sound. The beep usually originates...


Bosch Solution 6000 Status Icons

If you have lost your manual or simply looking online for a fast answer, below is a table of status icons of the Bosch Solution 6000 security alarm...

Bosch Solution 6000 Zone Types

Each zone in your home or business should be assigned to a Zone Type that defines the way in which the panel will respond when an alarm is triggere...

Choosing between Bosch 3000 or Bosch 6000 security system?

The Bosch 3000 and the Bosch 6000 are two security systems types created by the reputable security component brand Bosch Security. Choosing the...

DIY vs professionally installed security system

You can pretty much DIY anything these days, from installing a new kitchen to a plant stand. You can even DIY your home security system. Self-insta...

Features of Bosch Solution 6000

Why is the Bosch Solution 6000 one of the most commonly installed alarm system by both commercial businesses and residential homes? Below is a brie...

What are the components of a home security system?

Home security systems are a great addition to any household that wants to feel a little safer throughout the year. The basic principle of a hom...

Which security system is best for my home?

With so many home alarm system options available on the market, it can be difficult to decipher which are the good ones and which are not worth ...

Who uses a duress alarm?

Duress alarms or personal alarms have many uses they can be used by: Personal alarms for the elderly or infirm Personal alarms are often used in as...


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Get a Haegar Switchboard Upgrade for your home

From $500 Fully Installed*

  • Multiple Safety Switches
  • Safety Switch Test
  • Upgraded Fuses
  • New Circuit Breakers
  • 3 Year Parts and Labour warranty
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Switchboard Upgrades

Get a Micron Security Camera System for your home

From $2385 Fully Installed*

  • Micron 4 Channel Recorder (1TB)
  • 4 Micron IP IR Dome Cameras
  • 22 inch Monitor
  • 1 x Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • 1 x Power Supply
  • Cables and Fittings (standard install)
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Security Camera System

Get a Brooks Smoke Alarm for your home

From $150 Fully Installed*

  • Hardwired
  • Battery Replacement
  • Legislation Compliant
  • Alarm Testing
  • 3 Year Parts and Labour warranty
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Smoke Alarms

Get a Bosch Solution 6000 Security Alarm System for your home

From $1350 Fully Installed*

  • Bosch Solution 6000 Alarm Box
  • 1 x Bosch LCD Keypad
  • 3 x Bosch hardwired Quad PIR Detectors
  • 1 x Internal and External Sirens
  • 1 x 12v 7amp/hr Battery Backup
  • 3 Year Parts and Labour warranty
Find out more
Security Alarm System

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